Here at Timberlog we have had a busy May. As well as our usual yoga and visiting church service, the build up to the Royal wedding had us feeling incredibly patriotic, so we decided to celebrate all things British by having a Cockney night.

This consisted of residents being treated to a traditional East End delicacy – pie, mash and liquor, which they tucked into with gusto. We then gathered in the lounge for a music quiz, during which residents had to guess the theme tunes from various well-known British TV shows and sitcoms. After that we listened to songs from lovable ‘rockney’ duo; Chas’n’Dave, while we played ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the singalong music and we had a really good laugh to boot.

Of course this was all leading up to the main event on the 19th May – the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which gave us yet another excuse to celebrate! Residents eagerly assembled in the lounge, which was suitably decorated with Union Jacks, to watch the event together on TV. We served up plenty of sandwiches and royal cupcakes, as well as toasting the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with lots of bubbles. All in all, it has been a wonderfully entertaining month!