After all the excitement of Christmas, it was back to business this month as we completed our mandatory annual staff training. Along with staff members from our sister house, the Octagon, Timberlog staff attended professional update courses on health & safety, fire safety and data protection. A dementia awareness course was also on the agenda, where we learnt more about this cruel disease and received useful training in spotting the early warning signs and caring for someone with the condition.

However, it was not all work and no play as we moved onto our team building sessions, which comprised of several entertaining tasks, designed to identify personal strengths while fostering collaboration and team work. This was a good chance for our newest member of support staff, Theresa, to get to know her fellow workmates and have some fun in the process.

Activities included putting on a play, name that theme tune, a ‘Generation Game’ style task where two members of each team had to make a box of sweets and then be judged on their efforts, as well as the infamous conveyor belt memory game. All in all, it was a great way to kick off the year, with a renewed sense of purpose and focus.