This month has seen us all sweltering in a heatwave, but for once it meant that our annual garden party was not rained off. Rather than residents feeling chilly and retreating inside, we were able to sit outside sipping Pimms or Elderflower punch and enjoying the sumptuous buffet.

Around fifty people in total enjoyed a beautiful afternoon, with residents, friends, families, grandchildren and great grandchildren, some as young as 3, all chatting together. The residents fund raffle raised a very respectable £270, with prizes such as wine, sweets, jewellery and toiletries all being dished out.

The following week we had a group outing to The Watermill, a local Beefeater Steakhouse. Arriving in time for lunch, all our residents eagerly tucked into their choice of generous dishes from the menu, washed down with drinks from the bar. After that is was time to relax before heading back to Timberlog at 4.30pm

We rounded off June with our monthly Chair Yoga session, and with so much lovely food on offer this month, a bit of gentle exercise was just the ticket!