On Friday 4th December the Timberlog Lane residents and staff, all sat down together at Abbeyfield House to what would be the longest and most indulgent lunch of the year. Although this Christmas menu was billed as three courses, in reality it was more like five or six, and as afternoon rolled into evening, crackers were pulled, waistbands had to be loosened and the noise levels rose.

The meal started with a classic prawn cocktail, followed by a magnificent selection of roast turkey, beef and lamb, with plenty of veg and all the trimmings one expects at this time of year, accompanied by unlimited wine. Dessert featured trifle and profiteroles and later on there were home-made mince pies, chocolates and all manner of tasty Christmas treats.

It was a fabulous meal with lots of fun and laughter, although we all agreed, for the sake of our waistlines it’s a good job it’s not Christmas every day!