Back in November we welcomed a new resident to the Octagon under unusual circumstances. Normally we invite prospective residents to visit in advance to help them make their decision. They may come for meals, look around the accommodation, meet staff and occupants and generally get a feel for what life is like here.

However, Terri, who is a professor in his eighties who also spent 30 years in the police, lived in Wales, too far away to make a visit feasible. Terriā€™s son lives around the corner from the Octagon and came to see us after his granddaughter had said how nice it would be if grandad lived at Abbeyfield and was able to see them every day.

We began to get to know Terri, via numerous lengthy telephone conversations and emails. He soon decided that he would make the leap of faith and move down to live with us, despite never having visited the Octagon itself, and this has proved a resounding success. Terri settled in well immediately, becoming an integral part of the Octagon family, and has already celebrated his birthday and enjoyed all the Christmas celebrations with us.